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    Sex Education for Adults

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    The Seedy Side of Crime In The United States, Child Prostitution

    Why are we tolerating child prostitution and forced prostitution in the United States?

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    The Lost Boys

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How To Get More Sex From The Woman That You Love


How To Get More Sex From The Woman That You Care About

The age old complaint from most men is that they don’t get enough sex from their wives. It might interest you to know that the age old complaint from most wives is how
lousy most men are in bed. They won’t tell you this because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. The truth is that most men have no clue about women’s sexuality. If you are willing to read this and take my advice, I can promise you more and better sex.

The number one problem is men are penis fixated and basically view lovemaking as
masturbating into your wife’s vagina. You get off as quickly as possible and then roll over and go to sleep leaving a bitter and sexually frustrated wife. It is so common that according to Kinsey statistics, 72% of all married women over thirty have their husbands on a STARVATION DIET OF SEX ONCE A WEEK OR LESS. This is because there is
no “school for sex” to teach men how to give their wives great sex.

Lesson one is that sex feels good, STOP RUSHING THROUGH IT. Men would love it if their wives talked dirty in bed. Here is a secret: Do you know what a woman’s favorite 4 letter word is in bed? It is TIME. You are not spending nearly enough of it
In foreplay with her. You are not spending nearly enough time in actually making love with her. And you are not spending enough time in after-play and cuddling.

You also lack technique. You are penis fixated but the woman’s whole body is a smorgasbord of feelings and nerve endings that you can play like a fine musical instrument. For example if you have your face between her legs you can also squeeze and massage her butt cheeks with your hands, or you could be fondling and caressing her breasts simultaneously. Women respond very well to multiple sensory inputs. You can give her foreplay by giving her a full body massage first. This relaxes a woman and allows her to withdraw from the concerns of the day and allows her to now think about making love with you.

She also responds well to verbal affirmations like: “I am so lucky to have you in my life. It feels so good to be inside you. You have beautiful breasts” You need to SLOW DOWN THE SEX. Try making love in slow motion, not trying to come but instead to see just how long you can last without climaxing. As you are making love with her, look into her eyes lovingly, kiss her passionately, give her a hickey.

Get her in the “doggy position” or the “reverse cowgirl “ position where she mounts you from the top facing away from you. Both of these positions allows her to apply a vibrator to her clitoris without interfering with the sex. In this way she is guaranteed to
Have multiple orgasms while making love with you. And men here is the ultimate rule:
WHEN IT COMES TO ORGASMS, IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE LADIES FIRST. You follow these simple directions and I guarantee that she will be much more receptive to
your sexual overtures in the future.

naked Man and woman in love are kissing in shower


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