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    The Seedy Side of Crime In The United States, Child Prostitution

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    The Lost Boys

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7 Changes That Happen To You When You Are In Love

7 Ways You Change (For The Better) When You’re In LOVE

By Dr. Charles & Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz
young couple in love
7 Ways You Change (For The Better) When You’re In LOVE
Being in love not only makes you feel good inside, but makes you different on the outside.

Current rising country music star and The Voice sensation, Craig Wayne Boyd, sang a song during his recent performance on entitled, “You Look So Good In Love.” Country superstar, George Strait made this song famous.

As we listened to his masterful and beautiful performance, we asked ourselves, do people in love look the same as those who are not? We concluded (based on our 32 years of research as love and marriage experts) that the answer is a resounding NO.

So, what do people in love look like? Our research suggests the following:

1. They’re happy. They smile and laugh more. People in love are simply happy with themselves. Happy people in love know that being happy is the precursor to finding love. There’s nothing hard to understand about that.

2. They act with boldness. Love makes you confident and it makes you self-assured. Being in love gives you the confidence to be in love. They risk rejection, but are willing to accept that possibility. Love is not always fair, just, or beautiful, but people in love know this and it doesn’t scare them.

3. They take risks. Love says that you are willing to take chances, and love elaborates on the notion that being in love makes you willing to trust another human being, and makes you willing to take chances. In the end, the chances you take by investing your trust in someone will pay dividends by giving you happiness.

4. They are self-assured. Make no mistake about it; people in love feel good about themselves. They display the kind of confidence you’d expect from someone in love. They feel good in their skin; they feel good about being in love. They do not waver in their self-assurance about whom they love.

5. They exude confidence. People in love are confident enough to purge those who bring them down from their lives. They’re happy and content with the one they love. They eliminate people who try to bring them down from their lives because they are confident enough to do so.

6. They actually care. People in love are usually caring human beings. The truth is, people in love know that love is an essential component in a loving relationship. They know that love makes people happy, feel good, and is nurturing. You can see love in their actions, their words, and in their deeds. Being in love makes you more caring of others.

7. They show affection. These people are more willing to display affection for others, in addition to the one they love. Being in love makes one more lovable. Loving another human being totally and unequivocally makes you a more loving person. There is no question about it—people in love are more loving and affectionate. Take that to the bank.

People in love “look so good in love” for many reasons; we have delineated just a few. In the end, being in love, being affectionate, being caring, being self-assured, being happy, being confident, and being a risk-taker shows in you.

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