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How to make a man commit – What are the essential things that women should focus in a relationship?


So you have finally reached that point in your relationship when you want to make it concrete, something you are going to boast about to your friends and family and feel pretty proud while doing so. But before you do all this, you should first be very clear about the relationship and the essentials that go into making it worth the wait. If you do not do so, there is a fair bit of chance that the same thing you considered as a match made in heaven, may turn into you worst nightmare.

What’s the hurry?

Take your time. What is the hurry? If the relationship was made in heaven and was destined to last, it will; if it was never meant to be, it will not, no matter how hard you try.

The best way to read the hints about whether or not it is meant to last is to give it some time. First learn more about your man and try to understand him better.

Is he ready?

Although this may be surprising but many men have a weird tendency to bolt the moment you hurry into a commitment, an obvious sign that he was probably a bad choice. To understand whether or not that your knight in shining armor is in truth suffering from commitment phobia, talk to him and give him subtle hints about the fact that you are growing into him, and without making it too obvious, communicate the fact to him that you are starting to see a future with him. But make sure you don’t hurry into all this as these waters are best tread after you have already spent some time together. If he does not fret after you have told him what you think about him, he’s the one for you.

Whose world is going to change anyway?

The very popular verbiage “I’m going to change your world!” is not something you should place your confidence in. What you should focus on is whether or not this world changing experience is felt by both of you.

Make it very clear to him that you are ready for a commitment. Observe. Be very sure about your decisions and then take baby steps forward. Observe again. Understanding each other’s feelings and respecting each other’s likes and dislikes is amongst the first thing to achieve. Differences will arise, so will similarities, but how he overcomes the dissimilarities is very important. How he handles you is of utmost importance.


The best way to focus on all the essentials of a relationship is to have a heart to heart conversation with your man. Tell him what you feel and ask him to be honest with his feelings towards you. The more you converse with him the better you get to know him. This will not only work wonders for your relationship but also clear doubts about the part which involves commitments, something which is one of your prime focuses by now.

Now that you know the secret of how to make men commit, use them to your advantage. Best of luck!


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