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    The Seedy Side of Crime In The United States, Child Prostitution

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For Women Who Hate Giving Blow Jobs Because of Taste Use a Chocolate Condom on Your Tongue


For Women Who Refuse Blow Jobs Because of Taste, Just Equip Your Tongue with a Chocolate Condom and Give Him The Blow Job of His Life.

Okay ladies, many of you claim you hate the taste of a man’s semen in your mouth. Just for the record, men’s semen and women’s vaginal secretions taste remarkably similar. Try tasting your own secretion if you don’t believe me. How would you feel if your man said that he was no longer going to go down on you because your taste is disgusting? What about equal rights? You want him to get you off by going down on you and yet you refuse the return favor? Do you really want your man thinking about former lovers who are better than you are in bed? Don’t you want to be the best that he has ever had?

I can make it easy for you. When he is close to coming, squirt chocolate syrup all over his penis and suck away. When he comes in your mouth you will only taste chocolate because it has already covered your taste buds and then just swallow.

Here are the reasons. It always improves his climax when you aid his ejaculation with additional suction. He feels as if you really love him when you freely swallow his semen. I promise you that you won’t taste his semen and it will mix with the chocolate syrup and you won’t have any problems with consistency either. It is about a man feeling loved and accepted by you. The most beautiful site to most men is looking down into your face with his penis deep in your mouth.

Now some additional tips. You can make him come faster therefore making it less work for you by following my tips. First if you have to come up for air it is imperative to keep stroking his penis with your hand keeping up the stimulation or he will go back to zero making it much longer to get him off. A couple of additional tips: Take your silkiest sexiest panties and lightly and rhythmically stroke them under his scrotum while you are sucking. It feels heavenly to him. Get a powerful vibe like the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator and have him place the bulb at the base of his penis while you are sucking him.
Not only will he come faster, but the sucking plus vibrator and silky panties being stroked under his scrotum will have him screaming with pleasure when he comes and firmly implant you in his mind as the best that he has ever had. Think about your own self image and self confidence. You will be proud to be a woman who withholds nothing from her man. You won’t have to worry about him cheating on you. Or perhaps you want a Bill and Hillary marriage because she too refuses blow jobs?



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