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6 Great Date Ideas for Foody Couples

Date Night Ideas: 6 Dates For Foodies For Couples
Finding a food tour is an absolute must for any foodie couple.
Foodie couples, get ready to spice it up!

Tired of the same ole same date night routine?

Don’t sweat it — these sultry, exciting and out-of-the-box date night ideas are the perfect way to enjoy your two favorite things — food and wine — with your favorite person.



1. Visit A Winery
date night ideas for foodies

Pick a day, plan a picnic lunch and get out of town! Exploring a winery together will give you two a chance to connect over some booze. You’ll sample some fresh flavors, learn how wines are made and weave in to (and out of) hundreds and hundreds of decades-old wine barrels. On your way out, pick up a few bottles and spend the afternoon drinking, snacking and delighting in both the booze and your beau. Find a winery near you.

2. Wine Tasting

date night ideas for foodies

If spending an afternoon at a winery isn’t your thing, schedule a wine tasting (by yourselves or with some friends). Head to your favorite upscale wine locale and ask them for a sampling menu. You’ll try each of the best wines the restaurant has to offer — and you won’t spend a fortune doing so!
3. Take a Cooking Class
date night ideas for foodies

No matter where you are, you’ll be able to find a cooking school that offers classes to every amateur chef. You can pick and choose the courses and what level suits you best. Italian, sushi-making, vegetarian classes — there’s plenty of mouthwatering options for you and your guy. You’ll cover everything from ingredients to prep work, and the biggest bonus of the night will be savoring every last bite.
4. Try A Tasting Menu
date night ideas for foodies

There’s at least one expensive restaurant in town that you’re both absolutely dying to try — and sampling the menu’s biggest highlights is the best way to do it. Call ahead and ask for a tasting menu. It will be served by course, so set aside a chunk of time for the meal and get ready to be wined, dined and totally delighted.

5. Find A Wine And Cheese Festival
date night ideas for foodies

These delish festivals take place all over the country all year round. Sometimes they’re bigger, other times they’re smaller, more local festivals, but regardless, the food and drinks heavenly. If you’re planning to head out of town to hit a festival, make a weekend getaway out of it. It’ll be the tastiest vacation yet.
6.  Plan A Food Tour
date night ideas for foodies

C’mon, if you love food like the rest of us do, then finding a food tour is an absolute must for any foodie. It’s a like a giant buffet of all your favorite, delicious and divine eats, so make sure you both come hungry — and leave plenty of room for seconds (and thirds … and fourths!). Hint: these kinds of events are usually sponsored by big name food industry people (like the Food Network), so be sure to check there first for dates, details and some inspiration. Chances are, you can find a party dedicated to the tasty treats you love in your neighborhood. And if not, create your own foodie roadmap, and make sure to hit all the scrumptious essentials in your ‘hood.

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Seven Signs That You Need Couple’s Counseling




 Today’s guest post is  from Your Tango Magazine.

Enjoy, John Wilder


7 Totally Normal Signs You Need Couples Therapy

By Amanda Green. Posted on Aug 7th 2013.


Sex Education for Adults

When the going gets tough, the tough sometimes need outside help!


Fixing a relationship with therapy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken, it’s just maintenance!

Maintaining a happy long-term relationship isn’t easy. And when the going gets tough, the tough sometimes need outside help. Couples counseling isn’t a last-ditch effort to save a broken partnership. It’s a healthy form of relationship upkeep. Keep reading for 7 totally normal signs you need couples therapy, and find out how you and your partner can start rebuilding intimacy on your own.

1) You keep having the same fight.   

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Forgive and forget? It’s easier said than done. Some couples have the same fight over and over again, whether it’s about finances or broken trust. Talking to a neutral third-party might be the only way to resolve a recurring issue. “Conflicts can be opportunities, or even blessings in disguise,” says YourTango Expert LiYana Silver, arelationship expert and coach. “Addressing a problem gives partners a chance to build a stronger, closer relationship, but it often takes an outside perspective to see that.”

2) “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Ugh. No one wants to hear, “It’s not you, it’s me.” And there’s a good reason why: It’s never just about one person. We inevitably bring our individual doubts and insecurities into our relationships. If you aren’t feeling good about the person you’ve become, it’s time to get outside help. Doing so as a couple can help you and your partner work as allies. As you take responsibility for your happiness, your partner can practice coping strategies and learn how best to support you.

3) You’re unhappy about your sex life.

It’s normal for people in long-term relationships to get in a rut, especially in the bedroom. But it’s not healthy to stay in one. “If you find yourself feeling more attracted to others or thinking about cheating, it’s time to invest time, energy, and creativity into your relationship,” says Silver. Fortunately, you and your partner have options. Even without therapy, there’s a new affordable way for couples to build intimacy. (We’ll tell you more about it at the bottom of this post!)

4) You and your partner have experienced—or will experience—a major life change.

It’s common for couples to seek therapy after a trauma, like infidelity or a death in the family. But therapy is also a smart way to plan ahead for a stressful transition, like having a child or starting a long-distance relationship. Relationships are strained during times of change. Seeking help before actually going through a transition allows couples to anticipate issues and plan a strategy for working through them.

5) You get more emotional support outside of your relationship than in it.

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We shouldn’t expect our partners to meet all of our needs. Mr./Ms. Right is only one person! However, if you feel unheard, misunderstood, or disrespected by your partner, it’s time for counseling. Staying in a relationship like this isn’t healthy for anyone6) Your partner asks for couples counseling.

We’re not offended when someone suggests seeking professional help for a sprained ankle or toothache. Therapy shouldn’t be stigmatized either. If your partner suggests counseling, he or she is not trying to say your relationship has hit rock-bottom. Instead, your partner’s communicating a desire to repair what you have and to make it stronger.



7) You’re committed to your relationship.


A relationship is a living thing. If you don’t nurture it over time, it’s going to die. Couples therapy is acommitment to a better relationship. It takes time, effort, and money … and it’s absolutely worth it. “One of the tools for a lasting relationship is to learn and grow within it,” Silver says. “You want support even when things aren’t broken.

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Debunking the Liberal Assault Rifle Boogeyman with FBI Statistics
The liberals and their sycophant media cabal are all on the bandwagon to take away assault rifles to protect you. It is part of their overreaching tactic to try and incrementally take away all guns.

They only show you the statistics that they want you to see in gun deaths per thousand. This is a highly misleading figure. The total number of deaths by guns per state is what we should be really looking at. You can see this for yourself in Table 20 of the FBI crime statistics. All you need to do is to punch that phrase into Google and it will bring up the table.

Upon examination we find some very interesting statistics. California has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and yet they dwarf the total number of gun deaths of all the other states. The FBI crime stats break it down by handguns, rifles and shotguns. More importantly they also give murder rates by knives, clubs and fists and feet. California has 866 hand gun deaths and a mere 45 deaths by rifle of any kind, (they don’t break out assault rifles). What is more interesting is that the murder by knife, club fists and feet are a whopping 570 in California. So why don’t we outlaw fists and feet and amputate everyone’s fists and feet. These deaths outnumber rifle deaths by a 190 per cent. NY has very tough gun laws and they had 394 murders by hand guns and a mere 5 by rifles of any kind and 333 murders by other means. Pennsylvania also has tough laws and they had 379 deaths by hand guns and 8 by rifles of any kind and 166 by other means. Illinois also has tough laws and Rahm Emmanuelle wants to make them tougher. They had 364 deaths by handguns and a lousy 1 by rifles of any kind. NJ had 238 deaths by hand gun and a lousy 1 by rifles of any kind. Maryland had 262 handgun deaths and a louse 2 by rifles of any kind.

We have had millions of assualt rifles manufactured and sold and there is a paltry 321 deaths by rifle deaths of any kind this country per year.  Rifles

result in the smallest amount of deaths by any means in our country and yet our lib friends want to outlaw them.

This assault rifle ban defines “knee jerk liberalism”. Take a tragedy and the liberals want to outlaw something. Why not outlaw cars? The last recorded number of fatalities were in 2010. There were 5,419,000 traffic accidents resulting in 32,885 fatalities and injuring 2,239,000 million people.

Other Death Statistics

Heart disease: 597,689
Cancer: 574,743
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
Alzheimer’s disease: 83,494
Diabetes: 69,071
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476
Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097

Poisoning deaths were 41,592

Drug induced (prescription drugs) 39,147
Suicide 36,909
Falls 25,000
Alcohol induced 24,518
Illicit drugs 17,000
Even drowning 3,308
Fires 2,700
Choking 2,500
Aircraft fatalities 838
Electrocution 401
Carbon Monoxide poisoning 400
Rifles of any kind 321
Using liberal  logic we should outlaw cars, drugs, alcohol, airplanes, ladders, electricity  and swimming pools
There were a total of 321 deaths by rifle of any kind for the latest year statistics but there were almost 10,000 deaths by handgun and over 5,000 by knives, clubs fists and feet.  Clearly rifles is the least likely way to die in our country and yet the libs want to outlaw them.  STUPID!

Clearly the libs are trying to mislead us into passing stupid gun legislation. Even shotguns which are also broken out by category leads gun deaths over rifles of any kind. People you need to wake up and do your own research and not buy into the mass hysteria that the liberal cabal are trying to incite.

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