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50 Ways To Show Someone That You Like Them

50 Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them (Without Just Telling Them)
Posted by Scott Alden & Chiara Atik /February 17, 2012
Dating Rituals
Sweaty apples, dance cards, and dainty gloves, just to start. 10 Photos »
John Wilder

When you like someone, and you think they might like you too, but you’re not sure, it’s not always best to put your hand over your heart and tell them how you feel.

In fact, it rarely ever is.

But there are ways to drop hints and open the door for them, so that if they are interested, they’re more likely to start showing it. Here are 50.

1. Touch your face and hair when you’re talking to them.

2. Touch them, casually, on the arm or knee when you’re talking to them.

3. Laugh at their jokes.

4. Touch their arm or knee when you laugh at their jokes.

5. Notice when their glass is empty, and always offer to fill it up or get them another.

6. Make eye contact from across the room at parties; smile.

7. If you get an inside joke going between just the two of you, bring it up as much as possible. Never let it die.

8. Say their name when you’re talking to them. (It’s true! People thrill at the sound of their own name — especially when uttered by someone they’re interested in.)

9. Find a common enemy: another party guest, an annoying guy at the bar, a broken jukebox, the lack of pizza joints in this part of town. It’s you two against the world.

10. If they mention an ex, or a date gone bad, tell them that they’re too good for that person, anyway.

11. Give them a ridiculously huge tip. (This only works if they’re your waiter, bartender or barista. Obviously.)

12. Email them because you just saw something and it “made me think of you.”

13. Treat them to something sometime.

14. Make up a nickname for them. Be the only one who calls them that.

15. Invent any excuse for them to come over — a new movie, a sports game, a dinner party, a home repair project you really need help with.

16. Be genuinely delighted every time you see them — make no effort to hide it.

17. Loan them a book that you “just thought they would like.”

18. Offer to hold their purse/bag/coat/cup.

19. MIX TAPE! (No one makes a mix tape/cd for you unless they like you.)

20. Make sure to get pictures of the two of you when you’re out together.

21. Handwrite a note on your business card when you give it to them. i.e. “Really good to meet you.”

22. Remember what their drink is without having to ask. Order it for them.

23. Show up to their art opening/soccer game/open mic night/thing.

24. Don’t leave without saying goodbye.

25. That shirt/perfume/ring/pair of shoes they once mentioned they liked? Wear it. A lot.

26. Remember what you talked about the last time you saw each other, and ask them how things turned out the next time you see each other.

27. If they take your hand, squeeze it or run your thumb over their knuckles

28. Text them. Not just to make plans, but just because.

29. Dress up a little when you know you’re going to see them.

30. Bring up something little that you remember they once said to you.

31. Offer to drive them to the airport.

32. Just talk to them. About anything. Whenever you get the chance.

33. Check out that TV show/movie/band/restaurant they mentioned. Tell them what you thought of it.

34. Compliment them on something you think other people might notice about them.

35. Pass them a note during class/a meeting/at a crowded bar.

36. Find whatever excuse you possibly can for the two of you to end up at a karaoke bar. Insist on singing a duet.

37. Always “randomly” have an extra ticket . (To “this movie,” “this art thing,” “my friend’s band that’s playing,” “this lecture that seemed cool.”)

38. Ask their opinion on things. (“What color should I paint my bathroom?” “What TV show should I watch next on Netflix?”)

39. “Like” their stuff on Facebook. (Not too much — just enough to let them know you’re reading.)

40. Text back right away.

41. Make friends with their friends.

42. Tell them, as off-handedly as you can, that they smell good today.

43. Send them a postcard when you’re away.

44. Give them your number, so you can take the conversation off email/Facebook/Twitter.

45. Assume they want coffee and bring them one. Learn how they take it first.

46. Post baby animal videos on their Facebook wall.

47. Remember their birthday.

48. Find a reasonable excuse (birthday, promotion at work) and send them flowers.

49. Send them YouTube links to that band they mentioned they liked, or send them links to new bands that you think they’d like.

50. Kiss them on the cheek and hug them goodbye, instead of just saying it.

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10 Ways To Romance Your Man

10 Romantic Ways To Make Your Guy Swoon
Because love is a two-way street.

By James Michael Sama.

As a man writing from a male perspective, my focus is primarily to challenge both myself and my fellow men to put in more effort and do better when it comes to dating, relationships, and life in general. One thing I typically notice though, is many times when I write an article focusing on a certain gender, members of that gender chime in and say “Well, that goes for men/women, too!”

Yes. Of course it does. But making comments such as these are a great way to take the focus off of the actual issue at hand and project our own shortcomings onto others. Naturally, since the majority of my articles are about men, this often comes from them.

So to be fair, I wanted to resurrect and also enhance a list I put together in the past of ways women can be romantic towards the man in their life as well. I typically exaggerate the importance of small, every day things that don’t always seem romantic, but are even more so because of the thought that goes into them when there is no holiday or special occasion required. Just one person caring for another. One thing is for sure: It goes both ways.

1. Slip the waiter your credit card. As reflected in many of my articles, I always insist on picking up the tab at dinner. Always. That also means that I expect for the bill to come after dessert and I will be taking care of it. If you want to do something special for your guy, it would be a nice unexpected surprise to secretly take care of the bill without him noticing. Maybe grab the waiter on your way to the restroom, or arrange to have the tab charged to your card beforehand. Who doesn’t like pleasant surprises?

2. Plan a new experience together. The best gifts I have received were experiences that revolved around my interests. To plan something together that neither of you have done before but have both wanted to, will show him that you want to create lasting memories which he will always be part of. You don’t have to have the same passions as him, but sharing in things each other enjoy is a great way to build a foundation together.

3. Show up with food. Planning on going to dinner one night, or just staying in and ordering takeout? Before he gets to your place, or if you’re going to his, get the food taken care of first (and some wine). It won’t require much effort but it will show him that you’re willing to take the initiative to do something extra.

4. Get hooked on a new show. Having something to look forward to on a regular basis keeps you both excited and it gives you a good reason to cuddle up on the couch together and share a common interest. Plus, watching something that each other suggests will expand your horizons as well as show them you’re willing to compromise.

5. Naughty picture texts. Even subtle, suggestive images can be sexy. One does not need to resort to expletive nudity or revealing photos to get a man’s attention, in fact, often times it is the lack of exposure that increases the anticipation for when he gets home. Be creative and have fun.

6. Love notes. I know, we’re not in high school anymore…but all the more reason that nobody would expect to open a small piece of paper with “I miss you” or “I love you” written on it. It’s free, easy, and can be left anywhere to surprise him. A surefire way to put a smile on his face.

7. Be affectionate in public. No, don’t jump on him in line at the grocery store, but guys enjoy affection, too. Putting your arm around his waist, holding his hand, or resting your head on his shoulder if you’re standing together are small ways to let him know you like being close to him.

8. Play video games together. Some of the best nights you can have with someone aren’t necessarily extravagant nights on the town. They can be when you are snowed in with a bottle of wine and video games. This lets you be playful together and do something a little out of the ordinary. Nothing wrong with some friendly competition.

9. Suggest a road trip. This is for a little later on in a relationship, but suggesting packing into a car and exploring new cities or states together is fun and exciting. Sharing new experiences always brings people closer. Be adventurous together!

10. Show your appreciation. Relationships are a two way street. They’re about give and give. One of the biggest complaints I get from men when encouraging chivalry and respect is that women just don’t appreciate acts of kindness these days. While a man or woman of quality should never let someone’s unappreciation of their actions change who they are as a person – it’s difficult to continue when you’re not being appreciated.

If you are dating a good man, make sure you take the time to tell or show him that you appreciate the things he does for you. While he shouldn’t need your reinforcement, he certainly won’t complain about it. Plus, we like to know that what we’re doing is right, and to be able to fix it if it’s wrong.

Romance and relationships should never be one-sided. Healthy relationships are not about give and take, they’re about give and give. If both people aren’t contributing equally, it will be a breeding ground for resentment and discontent. Great relationships are a team, a partnership, two people who work together to move forward and to keep each other happy.

As with any successful team, if both members pull their weight, they will be victorious.

Originally appeared at, reprinted in partnership with the Good Men Project.

My new book is out in the Amazon Kindle bookstore. It will give you all kinds of ways to romance your man.


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Women Here are Seven Tips on How To Romance Your Man

First realize that romance should not be a “one way street”.  Men want to be romanced as well, it is good for their ego.  If you were brought up  in the church, forget about all those sex negative messages that you were taught like:  “sex is bad dirty and wrong and good girls don’t do it.”  Here is a verse that they will never teach you in church or Sunday school:  let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love. Proverbs 5:19.  Ravished is just an arcane term meaning GREAT SEX!


Speaking of breasts, you need to make the most of your “girls”.   Sometimes take his hand and place it over your breast with your hand over his.  It means that you accept his love and affection.  When he goes to nuzzle and suck on your nipples, wrap your arms around his head lovingly and tell him how good it feels. Tell him to take all the time that he wants because you are enjoying it.  Here is another great technique for the girls.  Get him naked and give him a “nipple massage”.  This entails you being naked too, but you get him to lie on his back preferably in the light and bend over him and just let your nipples alone graze his body. Then go up and down his whole body with nothing more than your nipples.  Give his penis a lot of attention with your nipples, stroke them all over his face and let him lick and suck them to his hearts content.  Turn him over on his stomach and do the whole back of his body.  He will love it.  When he is done making love with you, cuddle his face into your breasts and just hold him.  It is VERY NURTURING!


Sometimes when you go to the movies, wear a short skirt and bring an extra pair of panties in your pace along with a small hand towel. Sit on the towel and then once the movie starts grab his hand and slide it up your skirt and slide it inside your panties and tell him you want him to get you off in the movies, when you come bury your head in his chest and scream quietly.  Then slide off the wet panties and give them to him and put on the fresh pair of panties and give him a blow job in return right there in the movie theatre.  I suggest going all the way to the back row if you do this.


Get a tight fitting sweater and a very short pleated skirt and wear your laciest frilliest panties on underneath it.  Then do a cheerleader routine for him giving him high kicks but instead of the tights normally under  a cheerleader skirt het gets to see your panties. Believe me, I don’t know of a single adolescent boy who did not have this fantasy in high school so give it to him.  Then order him to get on his knees in front of you and pull up that skirt and order him to lick you between your legs until you get off.  He will love it.


Every guy fantasizes about getting a blow job going down the highway.  If you have never done it, now is the time to start.


Get over your inhibitions about talking dirty.  Men LOVE IT when you talk dirty in bed.  Men love it when you moan in bed and they definitely love it when you scream in bed when he makes you come.  It is the ultimate romance thing that you can do for him.


Finally here is a real turn romance move.  Find one of your girlfriends who is open minded and ask her if she would be willing to go to a motel with the four of you, you  and your guy and her and her guy.  Tell her that you want to all four make love in the same room.  Make sure to get two beds.  Agree up front that there will be no swapping and no cross touching but that you will all make love with the lights on.  Then in the morning the two of you girls get up and run around getting ready  make up and hair while running around in nothing but panties.  It is the ultimate romance move for your guys.  I know two couples who did this more than fifty times and never got old and then they would all go to breakfast in the morning.


My new book is out in the Amazon Kindle bookstore.  You don’t have to buy a Kindle to read it, you can download a free app called Kindle for PC read it on any computer.  I promise that it will be the best $10 you ever spent guaranteed.







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10 Tips on Romancing Your Man

Sex Educationby MarriageCoach1Women, did you ever consider that men need romance as well?  I’ll bet that you thought that it was something that only men did for women right?  Just like you thought and fantasized about “happily ever”but  you never gave a thought as to what “happily ever after”  looks like to your guy.


Here are 10 tips on giving him his version of  “happily ever after” and keeping him satisfied and content in your relationship.

1.  Men are sexual beings (I know duh) but did you ever consider how to sexually please him.  Start by ditching that plain jane lingerie wardrobe like utilitarian bras and plain white panties with no lace and instead give him panties with color and lace trim and bras with lace cups and include at least one with no lining for going out nights.  You know the kind where your nipples will pop through ala Jennifer Anniston in Friends.

2.  With that newly bought lingerie, wear a short skirt or dress and when he opens your car door, flash him a peek up that skirt and let him see your panties.  He will consider it flirty on your part and it alwasys makes a man’s day when he gets to see what we call  a “beaver shot”.  Do so in the car when he stops at a light pull up your legs and turn towards him and give him a view, just remind him when the light changes.

3.  Speaking of things to do in a car, give him a blow job while he is driving down the road.  I remember an iconic line from a movie callling it “oral highway” and be sure to swallow.

4.  You could go “parking” with him and do it in the car, just make sure to lock the doors.

5.  During a warm summer night, suggest that you guys go “skinny dipping” and then do what comes naturally in the moonlight.

6.  Get rid of all those “little girl” and teen inhibitions and let your inner slut come out to play.  Being a naughty girl is much more fun once you embrace it and he will appreciate it.  Talk dirty to him.  Men LOVE IT when you talk dirty to them and tell them in very graphic terms what you want him to do to you.  I find  it ironic when women say Fuck you in a hateful tone to their man and they consider that okay but the idea of saying fuck me in passion is considered slutty.    There is nothing wrong with being slutty in the bedroom with your own husband.

7.  Call him at work and tell him that you can’t wait for him to come home and ravish your body.  Tell him that you have been playing with yourself but it is not satisfying, that you want him to come home and Pound your pussy.

8.  Discuss your fantasies with him and let him discuss his fantasies with you and do your best to give him one or ask him to give you one whatever that might be.

9.  Don’t be intimidated or reluctant to ask him to take you hard and roughly.  Just determine a safe word that means to stop immediately and dial it back.  Tell him some of the kinds of things that you would like him to do like rip off your panties and take you hard and rough.

10.  If you really want to get it out there, suggest that you do it with another couple in the same room and make it okay to watch each other, just no swapping or cross touching.

Do these things and it is guaranteed to spice up your love life.

Then write in the comments section how it went and what he thought about it and what you thought about.  Come on

tell us your best stories.



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6 Great Date Ideas for Foody Couples

Date Night Ideas: 6 Dates For Foodies For Couples
Finding a food tour is an absolute must for any foodie couple.
Foodie couples, get ready to spice it up!

Tired of the same ole same date night routine?

Don’t sweat it — these sultry, exciting and out-of-the-box date night ideas are the perfect way to enjoy your two favorite things — food and wine — with your favorite person.



1. Visit A Winery
date night ideas for foodies

Pick a day, plan a picnic lunch and get out of town! Exploring a winery together will give you two a chance to connect over some booze. You’ll sample some fresh flavors, learn how wines are made and weave in to (and out of) hundreds and hundreds of decades-old wine barrels. On your way out, pick up a few bottles and spend the afternoon drinking, snacking and delighting in both the booze and your beau. Find a winery near you.

2. Wine Tasting

date night ideas for foodies

If spending an afternoon at a winery isn’t your thing, schedule a wine tasting (by yourselves or with some friends). Head to your favorite upscale wine locale and ask them for a sampling menu. You’ll try each of the best wines the restaurant has to offer — and you won’t spend a fortune doing so!
3. Take a Cooking Class
date night ideas for foodies

No matter where you are, you’ll be able to find a cooking school that offers classes to every amateur chef. You can pick and choose the courses and what level suits you best. Italian, sushi-making, vegetarian classes — there’s plenty of mouthwatering options for you and your guy. You’ll cover everything from ingredients to prep work, and the biggest bonus of the night will be savoring every last bite.
4. Try A Tasting Menu
date night ideas for foodies

There’s at least one expensive restaurant in town that you’re both absolutely dying to try — and sampling the menu’s biggest highlights is the best way to do it. Call ahead and ask for a tasting menu. It will be served by course, so set aside a chunk of time for the meal and get ready to be wined, dined and totally delighted.

5. Find A Wine And Cheese Festival
date night ideas for foodies

These delish festivals take place all over the country all year round. Sometimes they’re bigger, other times they’re smaller, more local festivals, but regardless, the food and drinks heavenly. If you’re planning to head out of town to hit a festival, make a weekend getaway out of it. It’ll be the tastiest vacation yet.
6.  Plan A Food Tour
date night ideas for foodies

C’mon, if you love food like the rest of us do, then finding a food tour is an absolute must for any foodie. It’s a like a giant buffet of all your favorite, delicious and divine eats, so make sure you both come hungry — and leave plenty of room for seconds (and thirds … and fourths!). Hint: these kinds of events are usually sponsored by big name food industry people (like the Food Network), so be sure to check there first for dates, details and some inspiration. Chances are, you can find a party dedicated to the tasty treats you love in your neighborhood. And if not, create your own foodie roadmap, and make sure to hit all the scrumptious essentials in your ‘hood.

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Seven Signs That You Need Couple’s Counseling




 Today’s guest post is  from Your Tango Magazine.

Enjoy, John Wilder


7 Totally Normal Signs You Need Couples Therapy

By Amanda Green. Posted on Aug 7th 2013.


Sex Education for Adults

When the going gets tough, the tough sometimes need outside help!


Fixing a relationship with therapy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken, it’s just maintenance!

Maintaining a happy long-term relationship isn’t easy. And when the going gets tough, the tough sometimes need outside help. Couples counseling isn’t a last-ditch effort to save a broken partnership. It’s a healthy form of relationship upkeep. Keep reading for 7 totally normal signs you need couples therapy, and find out how you and your partner can start rebuilding intimacy on your own.

1) You keep having the same fight.   

More from YourTango: Huma’s Choice To Stay With Weiner Is More Feminist Than You Think

Forgive and forget? It’s easier said than done. Some couples have the same fight over and over again, whether it’s about finances or broken trust. Talking to a neutral third-party might be the only way to resolve a recurring issue. “Conflicts can be opportunities, or even blessings in disguise,” says YourTango Expert LiYana Silver, arelationship expert and coach. “Addressing a problem gives partners a chance to build a stronger, closer relationship, but it often takes an outside perspective to see that.”

2) “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Ugh. No one wants to hear, “It’s not you, it’s me.” And there’s a good reason why: It’s never just about one person. We inevitably bring our individual doubts and insecurities into our relationships. If you aren’t feeling good about the person you’ve become, it’s time to get outside help. Doing so as a couple can help you and your partner work as allies. As you take responsibility for your happiness, your partner can practice coping strategies and learn how best to support you.

3) You’re unhappy about your sex life.

It’s normal for people in long-term relationships to get in a rut, especially in the bedroom. But it’s not healthy to stay in one. “If you find yourself feeling more attracted to others or thinking about cheating, it’s time to invest time, energy, and creativity into your relationship,” says Silver. Fortunately, you and your partner have options. Even without therapy, there’s a new affordable way for couples to build intimacy. (We’ll tell you more about it at the bottom of this post!)

4) You and your partner have experienced—or will experience—a major life change.

It’s common for couples to seek therapy after a trauma, like infidelity or a death in the family. But therapy is also a smart way to plan ahead for a stressful transition, like having a child or starting a long-distance relationship. Relationships are strained during times of change. Seeking help before actually going through a transition allows couples to anticipate issues and plan a strategy for working through them.

5) You get more emotional support outside of your relationship than in it.

More from YourTango: Modern Dating Is Destroying Relationships, Says A Former ‘Player’

We shouldn’t expect our partners to meet all of our needs. Mr./Ms. Right is only one person! However, if you feel unheard, misunderstood, or disrespected by your partner, it’s time for counseling. Staying in a relationship like this isn’t healthy for anyone6) Your partner asks for couples counseling.

We’re not offended when someone suggests seeking professional help for a sprained ankle or toothache. Therapy shouldn’t be stigmatized either. If your partner suggests counseling, he or she is not trying to say your relationship has hit rock-bottom. Instead, your partner’s communicating a desire to repair what you have and to make it stronger.



7) You’re committed to your relationship.


A relationship is a living thing. If you don’t nurture it over time, it’s going to die. Couples therapy is acommitment to a better relationship. It takes time, effort, and money … and it’s absolutely worth it. “One of the tools for a lasting relationship is to learn and grow within it,” Silver says. “You want support even when things aren’t broken.

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Women, Have You Ever Considered What Happily Ever After Looks Like For a Man

white negligeenieceySex Education for Adults

Today’s Guest post is from my new favorite blog writer Ann Romans

Every Thought About His Happily Ever After?

Little girls are raised with a lot of gauzy, gossamer expectations about love, marriage and that ineffable thing called “happily ever after.” From the time a little girl is playing in ruffled skirts and shiny patent leather shoes, she’s shown images of white on white wedding decorations and a loving couple feeding each other slices of cake covered in pink frosting roses. The Cinderella version of the wedding day is all a lovely, delicate fantasy, but there’s a price to be paid when a beautiful but ultimately unworkable fantasy intrudes on the reality of what men and women really want from each other.


What do men want? Does the wedding bell fantasy help them achieve their own happily ever after? Does what he want go beyond the dating scene and wondering “what to text a girl?” Let’s take a look at what’s involved in men and women’s often-conflicting expectations for love, sex, and happily ever after.


What about His Happy Ending?


Romantic relationships involve a lot of things, from the realities of sharing finances, to raising children, seeing each other through sickness, health and all the other ups and downs of adult life. Somewhere within all of that is the reality of sex and intimacy—which for most couples is a crucial part of their life together. When intimacy ends, so do most relationships, so understanding what a partner needs is crucial to keeping a relationship healthy and satisfying.


Great Expectations


The differences in male and female biology, their ways of responding to each other sexually, and their differing expectations about relationships can lead to challenging mis-communications, and ultimately, the breakdown of potentially loving relationships. In a way, it may all stem from those lovely fantasies that get little girls excited about the romantic fantasy of their wedding day, yet also trap some women in a passive little girl role.


This is where a man’s expectations of what he wants in a relationship can seriously conflict with a woman’s. What is it that men want that’s so different from what a woman wants?


Respect Yourself, Respect Your Man


As the Staples Singers sang in their classic R&B hit, “Respect Yourself,” ultimately it all comes down to respect. Men want to be treated with love and respect in daily life and in the bedroom. Unfortunately, many women lose sight of this once they’re in an established relationship, living through the grind of daily life.


Yes, it’s easy to take our lives and our relationships for granted, and sometimes the taking it for granted disintegrates into a lack of respect for the man who is half of the partnership. Yet men want a woman who respects what he does and who he is and makes him feel it during everyday life and in bed.


The Difference between Your Happily Ever After and His


When it comes down to it, your happily ever after has much more to do with romance, and his happily ever after has much more to do with sex. He wants lacy frilly lingerie with color, not your favorite pair of lace-less, virginal white practical briefs and utilitarian bras and nightgowns.  He wants to be romanced in a different way than you. It is important for the woman to try things he wants: talk dirty in bed, be sexually adventurous, make love willingly and lovingly when he wants it or needs it. For most guys, this is 3-4 times a week. For most women, just once.


Some women may think that men are being selfish because of this difference in desire, but that isn’t true. Men don’t have a choice about sexual relief, they have to have it. They either get it from their wife or – not to be crude – are forced to masturbate alone.

Saying “no” to your man implies his needs, wants and desires are less important than yours. Men get the bulk of their affection-needs met through sex. In this sense, women are their own worst enemies, killing their own relationships slowly by the death of a thousand no’s. It leaves a man feeling worthless and unlovable.


Yes, Men Want Love and Sex, Too


Little girl fantasies are a lovely thing, but most men want a woman who’s willing to mature past her little girl past and treat him as an equal partner in bed. Enthusiasm in the bedroom and physical affection and kind words during the day go a long way toward giving a relationship true staying power.


Cinderella and her glass slipper and all those delicate wedding day images are beautiful things indeed, but relationships that last require love, respect, and an acknowledgement of the importance of intimacy, both emotional and physical on the woman’s side as well as the man’s.

Do this, ask your man when neither of you are stressed what his idea of “happily ever after” looks like to him.  Promise him you won’t beat him up verbally and then listen carefully.  Once he lets you into his world, do your best to give him what he wants.  Your relationship has much to gain by doing this and you will have a happier man as well.

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A Woman Reader Explains to Women Why You Should Give Your Man the Ultimate Blow Job and Swallow His Come

This is my top read post. In a little over two years I have had over 160,000 page views to my blog which is a real boon to my ego. This blog post has been posted for just a little over a year and it is the top read blog post with  thousands  of page views. It is not even my blog post but a guest blog by a woman who agrees with me about what a woman should do sexually for a man. In that vein I am reposting the blog.

This is another guest post from a woman who has been reading my blog named Sharon and who agrees with me and my sexual posts. She encourages women to give their men the ultimate blow job as do I. Nothing will make him feel more special and more masculine than when you get over your inhibitions and learn to swallow his come. If you do this, you virtually make your man untemptable by another woman.

Ladies ladies ladies……….
What is the big deal of swallowing your man’s semen when you are giving him head. I’m sure you try new foods from time to time and different drinks from time to time or new candies or cookies from time to time.

And swallowing your man’s cum is just another taste of something. It comes from your man’s body which is not dirty, he has a sexual organ different than our own but even so his semen is unique to his body. It is one of the ultimate pleasures for a man to know that his woman will do that and appreciate the maleness that he has and the man that he is and all the masculinity that defines him.

Why would you not want to give your man the most – he is always willing and eager to please his woman. He never winces at the thought of eating you, or licking you, or sucking you. It turns him on to do this for you because he knows it pleases you with all those good feelings. And because he knows it turns you on – it ultimately turns him on knowing that he turns you on. So do not treat him any less by refusing to swallow his cum. You can start off small, by having him shoot it onto your body and you finger some up and taste it and do not make a face. When you get bolder have him shoot it to the back of your throat so you won’t get a full force of tasting him. And when you get bolder, it’s not bad to have a bottle of water there close by to wash it down. Doing this ladies will keep you close to your man’s heart because he will know in his mind that you take his ultimate load with no problem and that alone turns him on.

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Points From a Sex Positive Wife to Wives Everywhere


Here is the link to this great marriage blog about sex. I like to promote other blogs that are marriage and sex positive.

10 Confessions of Another Sex-Happy Wife

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Many women and now some husbands have been blogging about why sex is such a positive thing. You can read about them here. And I was encouraged to join the bandwagon the other day…

I hesitated because 1) I don’t talk about sex that much because it tends to embarrass me and 2) quite a few women before me have created wonderful lists and I wasn’t sure how much new information I could add to the conversation.

But, you know what? It’s an important conversation. So without any further hesitation…

1)   Our sex life improved after Clint’s affairs. 

You’d think that his infidelity would have created a big rift. But part of my desire to operate in forgiveness was also allowing touch and intimacy between me and my husband.  His affairs were the catalyst to both of us realizing how much we had been missing with each other in the bedroom.

2)  I’ve learned to have sex even when I don’t feel like it.

And you know what? I almost always (ok, always) end up enjoying myself. Sometimes, especially as women, we like to make excuses: We cleaned all day, taking care of kids is exhausting, we didn’t feel emotionally connected to our husbands today….blah, blah, blah…yes, those things are important. But so is sex with my husband. So is not rejecting him when he tells me he wants me. It’s sort of like how they tell you if you’re not happy – smile. Keep smiling. Smile till you believe you’re happy. Smile till you actually are happy. Same goes for sex. Too tired tonight? Do it anyway. What’s that extra 40 minutes going to cost you? Nothing. What’ll you gain? Skies the limit.

3)   It took years to figure out the orgasm thing.

Studies have shown that a majority of women don’t have orgasm during sex. Some studies show that a fair amount of women aren’t orgasming period. That was me – for many years. It had nothing to do with Clint. Other than the fact that he and I both just weren’t communicating very well. Most women need assistance in reaching orgasm outside of plain old intercourse. We need stimulation. We need foreplay. We need to talk about this one more because too many women are buying into the lie that they are alone when they can’t figure this out. There’s no reason why a woman shouldn’t be experiencing an orgasm almost every time she has sex. It just takes a little communication, and a lot of practice makes perfect.

4) I use to not enjoy sex.

You might think that was a direct result of #3. Not so. Honestly, we had so much going on in our everyday relationship that was building up resentment and walls between us that I got to the place where I saw sex as this thing that I did for my husband. And I totally lost sight of the fact that it’s also something I do for myself. Beyond that, it’s also something I do for my marriage. If you’re in that place, take the time to take the walls down. Sex is enjoyable and life is too short to not be making it that!

5)   We’ve learned to think outside the box.

Missionary style? What’s that? Yes we still use it. But we’ve also learned to tweek it. And to try other things as well. It’s nice and comfortable and convenient to stick with what you know but its also nice to throw a little something new and extra in there sometimes. Think beyond just positions. Sex doesn’t always have to be at the same time of day. It doesn’t have to always follow the same pattern.

6)   Variety is the spice of life. 

Speaking of thinking outside the box, we’ve learned to think outside the four walls of our bedroom. Better yet, we’ve learned to think outside the house. Yes, your bedroom is and should be your sanctuary. I’m sure for many of us, it’s also our go-to place. I mean, you can only have sex on the stairs so many times before you end up putting yourself in traction. So the bed is safe. Comfortable. It fits. But sometimes its fun to think and plan beyond those four walls. How about some place outdoors, your car…the neat thing about thinking outside the box is your options are unlimited! And its also fun to drive past a place and sneak a little knowing look at your spouse as you both remember fondly what happened there. Go! Make some memories outside the bedroom!

7)   Sex needs build up.

It’s fun to have spontaneous sex. But, I don’t know about you, with school, work, and kids spontaneity doesn’t comes as easily any more. When there are six people’s schedules to think about, sex needs to be given priority or it just might not happen. When I’m in the mood one of the things that I’ve learned to love to do is send my hubby text messages throughout the day. We also enjoy turning everything into a sexual innuendo. It puts it on both our minds. It gives us something to look forward to. And in a more fun and playful way it sort of puts sex on the schedule for us without us actually putting it on the schedule. We just know on days like that that it is happening and we plan accordingly. Kids bedtimes get bumped up. We are more efficient with use of our time in the evening and we turn in early.

8)   I’ve learned to initiate.

Ladies, men need us to initiate. I know it’s hard. Well, it is for me anyway. I’m scared of rejection. But I look at it this way…imagine how our husbands must feel. They lean over and caress our shoulder and we let out a sigh that clearly screams, “Really? Tonight? Again?” How often do they put up with that because they are in the mood and they are putting their feelers out there to see what chance they have. We’ve got to be willing to do the same thing. Put forth the same effort. And I guarantee that we ladies will get rejected a whole lot less.

9)   Sex is a natural happy pill.

When we have sex more we’re happier. We get along better. We’re united easier. We have fun outside the bedroom more effortlessly. While its true that the quality of your physical intimacy is a direct reflection of the other levels of intimacy in your relationship, the same could be said vice versa. Sex is an important part of the marriage relationship. If we aren’t having sex. Good sex. Fun sex. Regular sex. It will impact all other areas of our marriage.

10) Sex with one person for life is THE best option out there.

I grew up being taught that. Guess what? Now science is actually beginning to back up those ideas. People who are in life long monogamous relationships have better sex lives than those who sleep around. Not only did we both have families who tried to teach us this truth but we learned the hard way through infidelity just why it’s true. In theory you’d think sleeping with a dozen people would make you a better lover but that’s such a myth! I wish more people were actively debunking it! When you are with one person for life you learn how to please that one person – their likes and dislikes – and you learn how to make your bodies work together. Which in turn makes your sex life better. You might have more experience when you sleep around but it’s just that. It’s your experience. Sticking with one person is what creates intimacy and what creates a shared experience. You become better because you completely learn each other the longer you’re together.

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Women Forget Romance Novels, 5 Easty Tips To Get More Romance From Your Man


Women, Forget Romance Novels, 5 Easy Tips To Get More Romance

From Your Husband


John Wilder

  1. Give him sex more. According to Kinsey, 78% of married women over 30 have their husbands on a STARVATION DIET of sex once a week or less when the average man needs sexual relief 3 times a week. Sex is the glue that holds the marriage together or the lack that drives marriages apart. Sex feels good and is good for you. It releases endorphins in the brain and is equivalent to a 30 minute gym work-out. If you gave him sex 4 times a week it averaging a half hour, it would only come to a measly 1% of your time in the week. If you can’t give him 1% your priorities need adjusting.

2. Give him romance. Do you think that romance should only be a one way street? Do you realize that this would make you a taker and no one likes or appreciates takers. Women grew up fantasizing about “happily ever after” but fail to realize that men did too and you never gave a thought as to what that looks like for your husband. Men need romance too, like lacy frilly lingerie worn daily for him and initiating sex once in a while and by ditching those inhibitions holding you back from fully embracing your sexuality.

3.  Make time to make memories doing some things that he likes to do. You have to ditch the mommy mode on a regular basis and embrace the wife mode and keep working on the relationship on a daily basis. Relationships that are ignored end

4. Show him respect. We are in a society that is rampant with Misandry. (reverse sexism by women against men) Wikipedia does a great  job of explaining this and illustrating it. But we see it even in the commercials where the husband is portrayed as this hapless boob who has once again gotten himself and/or his family into trouble yet again. The “heroic wife” swoops in to save the day all the while tossing off condescending and demeaning remarks to her husband. We even have the infamous columnist for the NY Slimes (sarcasm intended) Maureen Dowd publishing a dead serious rant explaining that the only reason in today’s society for men is to be sperm donors. Imagine how you would feel if some jerk male columnist said that the only reason for women in today’s society is to be brood mares? Oh yea I forgot, Rappers already do that

 5.  Learn to resolve conflicts with him peacefully. Make the problem the enemy instead of your mate. Listen to him when he has a problem with you instead of yelling, screaming,crying and name calling with the intent to teach that no good man to never ever critique you again. Hear him out and ask him in what way can we resolve this in a collaborative fashion rather than making it a huge battle. Lack of good conflict resolution skills is the number one cause of break ups in marriage

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